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Building Community Starts with Smart Development

"[The groundbreaking of the Hamilton Canal project] is a historic day for Lowell and its future.  This is a transformational project that will take Lowell into the 21st century, much like the mills took us into the 19th century."
- Former State Sen. Steve Panagiotakos 

Often recognized for its revitalization efforts, Lowell continues to be a leader in urban re-development. Over the past several decades, many of the city’s historic mill buildings have been transformed into flexible office space, retail store fronts, residences and artist live/work environments. And we’re not done yet. Uniquely positioned in the hub of the Merrimack Valley, Lowell continues to pursue new opportunities with the goal of enriching the City’s already vibrant community.

The Hamilton Canal Project is the City’s most recent undertaking. This ambitious project will transform 15 acres of vacant, underutilized land into a vibrant, mixed-use community. Phase I groundbreaking occurred in November 2009 and was completed in the Spring of 2011. View our most recent Commercial & Residential Development Summary Report​​ for other current projects.

Lowell is committed to facilitating the development process, with two sites designated for expedited permitting with 43D status. The 43D designation provides a transparent and efficient process for municipal permitting. The status guarantees local permitting decisions on priority development sites within 180 days and increases visibility of the target development sites.As the recipient of the MassBiotech Council’s “Platinum” Ranking as a BioReady Community, our team can act quickly to bring your project through to completion. For more information on potential development opportunities, contact our economic development team.

Visit our municipal site for information, specifically on the City’s Brownfields Redevelopment or Zoning Ordinance.